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The Neuroscience of Greatness with Christina Curtis

The Neuroscience of Greatness with Christina Curtis In our recent podcast featuring Christina Curtis, we delved into her new book and her profound expertise in applying neuroscience to leadership development. Throughout our conversation, we explored a myriad of captivating topics. This included dissecting the subtle yet crucial disparities between achieving a gold medal and falling … Read more

Interviewed on KATU2 ABC Afternoon Live

How to Confidently Crush a Job Interview

How to Confidently Crush a Job Interview If you’ve been getting interviews but not landing the job, you might be wondering what you can do differently. Master business coach and author of “Choosing Greatness: An Evidence-Based Approach to Achieving Exceptional Outcomes”, Christina Curtis, shared tips help you confidently crush a job interview. Do you yearn … Read more

Radio Interview: How to Move On From Your Job

The 1-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou & Dave

The 1-95 Morning Show with Ethan, Lou & Dave Real achievement is about sustaining a level of excellence across your entire career. With that in mind, a job change can become a pitfall if not handled with care. Leaving one job for another has it’s own set of rules and there are experts that can … Read more

Interviewed on FOX31

Christina Curtis Fox31 Interview

Five Ways to Teach Your Kids to Become Successful Entrepreneurs! Christina Curtis sits down with Ashley Ryan, of FOX31 Morning News, to discuss setting kids up for success.

Podcast: Entrepreneurs On Fire

Entrepreneurs On Fire podcast

Unlock the Full Power of the Greatest Change Agent Imaginable… Your Mind with Christina Curtis OR LISTEN ON:Apple | Spotify | Stitcher | iHeart A thought leader on goal attainment, Christina Curtis regularly contributes to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Psychology Today. In her new book, Choosing Greatness, she provides an evidence-based approach to … Read more

Interviewed in Newsweek article about Apple & Disney

Newsweek Article Christina Curtis

Apple Buying Disney Would Create an Unparalleled Entertainment Behemoth Read Full Article Here Excerpt of Article: While both companies are massively successful, a merger would see profits soar, according to business expert and consultant Christina Curtis. “Given their complimentary customer footprint, merging these two powerhouse businesses would likely drive substantial growth,” the founder of Curtis … Read more

Podcast: The Self-Employed Life

the self employed life podcast

Christina Curtis – Achieving Exceptional Outcomes: The Science of Success OR LISTEN ON:Apple | Amazon | Spotify | iHeart | Stitcher To be self-employed, we need to be visionaries. Our ideas guide us and lead us to do big things. It’s also important to ground the visions in evidence-based action steps. Today we’re talking about … Read more

As Seen in: Fortune & Entrepreneur

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Game-Changing Growth ~ Christina Curtis’ data-driven approach unlocks the science behind high performing teams, helping executives engage, lead, and achieve extraordinary results in an ever-changing landscape.