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The Neuroscience of Greatness with Christina Curtis

The Neuroscience of Greatness with Christina Curtis

In our recent podcast featuring Christina Curtis, we delved into her new book and her profound expertise in applying neuroscience to leadership development. Throughout our conversation, we explored a myriad of captivating topics. This included dissecting the subtle yet crucial disparities between achieving a gold medal and falling short of the podium. We also delved into Curtis’s enlightening interaction with Richard Branson, where we discovered his steadfast prioritization of personal well-being before diving into professional or business endeavors. We explored strategies for leaders to maintain equilibrium amidst the rigors of their roles. Furthermore, our discussion underscored the paramount importance of our neural system’s inherent social function, which is particularly relevant for leaders navigating demanding work environments. Ultimately, we discussed to further these topics from her work and book in a roundtable together @npnHub.

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