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Christina Curtis – Achieving Exceptional Outcomes: The Science of Success

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To be self-employed, we need to be visionaries. Our ideas guide us and lead us to do big things. It’s also important to ground the visions in evidence-based action steps. Today we’re talking about the science side of business – an evidence-based approach to achieving exceptional outcomes. Today I speak to Christina Curtis about her new book, Choosing Greatness. She explains that our brains keep us on autopilot because they are designed to conserve energy. High-achieving people can choose whether or not to follow those patterns, and Christina gives us strategies to lean into the strengths of our patterns and interrupt them when they don’t serve us. As Christina says, the more self-aware we are about the brain activities that are behind the scenes, the more we can choose how we want to engage with our habits instead of letting them run the show.

Christina Curtis is the Founder of Curtis Leadership Consulting based in Denver, Colorado. A thought leader on motivation and goal attainment, she regularly contributes to the Harvard Business Review, Forbes, and Psychology Today. As an accredited Master Coach with International Coaching Federation—a designation held by only 1 percent of business coaches worldwide—Christina’s clients include Fortune 500 executives and leaders. In her new book CHOOSING GREATNESS: DEFINING YOUR FUTURE SUCCESS ONE CHOICE AT A TIME, Christina shares the science behind the choices we make that lead to greatness and success. Christina has a master’s in organizational psychology from the University of London and a bachelor’s degree from Queens University.

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