Podcast: The Self-Employed Life

the self employed life podcast

Christina Curtis – Achieving Exceptional Outcomes: The Science of Success To be self-employed, we need to be visionaries. Our ideas guide us and lead us to do big things. It’s also important to ground the visions in evidence-based action steps. Today we’re talking about the science side of business – an evidence-based approach to achieving … Read more

Podcast: POW! Power of Women

power of women podcast

Cultivating Confidence with Christina Curtis Have you ever struggled with confidence or wanted to support/help someone who was struggling with theirs’? Confidence isn’t a personality trait – it is a skill and we can work together to strengthen ours and those around us. Our host, Christina Curtis, Executive Leader and Team Coach and frequent speaker … Read more

Podcast: Teach Your Team to Expect Success

Podcast – Teach Your Team to Expect Success - Curtis Leadership Coaching

The Matt Townsend Show Podcast Christina Curtis incorporates research and theoretical applications into her work as a Leadership & Executive Coach. Her experience spans Fortune 500 companies, Olympic Athletes, as well as individuals looking to advance their careers and achieve their goals. Christina writes a blog for psychology today, and wrote the article we’re discussing today … Read more