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How to Confidently Crush a Job Interview

If you’ve been getting interviews but not landing the job, you might be wondering what you can do differently. Master business coach and author of “Choosing Greatness: An Evidence-Based Approach to Achieving Exceptional Outcomes”, Christina Curtis, shared tips help you confidently crush a job interview.

Do you yearn to achieve more? To make more? To do more? You are not alone. We are all drawn to the irresistible sensation of accomplishing great things and succeeding mightily. Yet despite our best efforts, ultimate success and joy can seem so elusive. Why? All too often we are running on autopilot, repeating past behaviors, and achieving the same results. In Choosing Greatness, Christina Curtis combines her decades of practical experience in business psychology and her conversations with some of the greatest leaders of our generation—Richard Branson, CEO of the Virgin Group; Javier Rodriguez, CEO of DaVita Inc.; Jonathan Johnson, CEO of; Teena Piccione, executive at Google; Lara Merriken, founder of LÄRABAR; and more—to teach you how to unlock the full potential of the greatest change agent imaginable: your own mind. In the space between instinct and outcome, between reflex and reflection, between ordinary and extraordinary, lies choice. This optimistic, fast-paced book provides clear, easy direction on how to live more consciously in that space so you can push your brain to operate with peak efficiency and precision. If you’re a leader, entrepreneur, executive, or anyone who wants to squeeze more time, money, and joy from every day, Choosing Greatness is a must-have book that’s brimming with tools and strategies!

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