Public Speaking Mastery Workshop

Speak with Conviction, Clarity, & Confidence.

Join us in this live-online public speaking workshop to enhance your ability to communicate in an influential manner regardless of the setting. Authentically engage with any audience and influence your way to higher levels of success.

What’s Covered

  • Complete a DISC communication assessment to identify strengths and opportunities of your style
  • Enhance your confidence, regardless of the audience
  • Project further gravitas and executive presence
  • Practice the effective use of non verbal communication
  • Test out different approaches and receive real-time feedback
  • Develop your own powerful presentation inventory
  • Explore the science of self-doubt
  • Learn strategies to address public speaking anxiety
  • Craft stories you can use in future engagements
  • Shift presentations to meaningful conversations

Did You Know?

Investing in communication consistently pays dividends, multiplying the impact you can have in any meeting. That’s why those who work toward mastering this craft are more likely to emerge as leaders, land that next promotion, advance their careers, and above all, be heard. This is one skill that’s worth working on at any point in your career.

Who Should Sign Up For A Public Speaking Workshop?

Those looking to enhance their ability to communicate effectively in front of others. Looking to sign up your team? Contact us.

Public Speaking Mastery Workshop
Investment: $2,400

4 Weekly, Live-Online Group Workshops, Thursday’s 2-3pm EST
(Recording Available When Unable to Attend)

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