Entrepreneur Accelerator Program

Create the Conditions for Rapid Growth.

Join us in this live-online entrepreneur coaching program designed to fast track your path to more money, time, and joy!

What’s Covered:

  • Complete a DISC leadership assessment to identify core strengths and potential weaknesses you may have as a entrepreneur
  • Strategize ways to better manage time and energy
  • Develop personal brand pillars based on how you want to be experienced and seen
  • Map out your career timeline – not only the past and the present, but the future
  • Shape clear goals that will inspire you into action
  • Develop an action plan focused on accelerated growth
  • Increase your level of influence
  • Communicate in a way that engenders trust and influences action
  • Create unbreakable connections and enhance your professional network
  • Understand emotional contagion – whose emotions you are catching, and how it’s affecting you and others
  • Manage your energy and schedule so you can consistently show up at your best

Who Should Sign Up for Entrepreneur Coaching?

Those who are looking for more from their careers, and could use a framework to strategize a plan and accountability partner to get there.
Looking to sign up your team? Contact us.

Investment: $1,800

4 Weekly, Live-Online Group Workshops, Wednesday’s 2-3pm EST
(Recording Available When Unable to Attend)

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