Leadership Excellence Workshop

Inspired Action, Accelerated Results.

Join us in this live-online leadership development workshop to inspire action and accelerate results for you, your team, and the business. It's time to reach a whole new level of performance - and here's your chance to build the roadmap and get there.

What’s Covered:

  • Complete a DISC leadership assessment to identify core strengths and potential weaknesses you may have as a leader
  • Learn an evidence-based approach to increasing fulfillment and happiness for you and those you lead
  • Build a brand that reflects your values and defines your authentic style
  • Strategize ways to better manage time and energy
  • Explore the neuroscience of trust and create unbreakable connections
  • Develop high-potential talent and accelerate their growth
  • Learn the tactics required for your team thrive through change
  • Inspire strategic thinking, going beyond what you and your team thought possible
  • Galvanize others into action
  • Create clarity with consistent messaging
  • Make sure your message lands

Who Should Sign Up For A Leadership Development Workshop?

Entrepreneurs, Vice Presidents, Directors, or Managers.
Looking to sign up your team? Contact us.

Leadership Excellence Workshop
Investment: $2,200

6 Weekly, Live-Online Group Workshops, Tuesday’s 2-3pm EST
(Recording Available When Unable to Attend)

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