Choosing Greatness

The Masterclass

For high-achieving leaders who want to increase their income, scale their impact, and drive unparalleled results.

Starting Thursday, September 19th, 2024 - 11:00 AM EST


The Next Evolution of Leadership:
Dream, Disrupt, Deliver

We’ve all been there: Pouring all your time and energy into work but still falling short of the success, happiness, and financial freedom you’ve always known to be possible. The days fall off the calendar as the chaos of endless meetings and urgent tasks consumes your calendar. Ready to leave all of that busyness behind?

Join us in a groundbreaking leadership program that will lift you up by identifying and investing in the strategic moves that will fundamentally transform your trajectory.

Choose You Growth Greatness

Close the gap between the success you have today and what you always
knew was possible

The Business Landscape Is Shifting:
Here's How to Stay Ahead

The business landscape has undergone more of a seismic shift in the past three years than in the previous three decades. This leaves leaders like us with an urgent challenge to rapidly adapt or risk falling behind. Whether it’s hybrid teams, widening generational gaps, meeting volumes more than doubling, employees prioritizing work-life balance over devotion to their jobs, or societal stress spiking at an all-time high – the pressure on leaders has escalated. Amidst the chaos of endless meetings and urgent tasks, we become so consumed with the daily grind that we overlook the strategic moves that could truly transform our lives, careers, and businesses.

 It’s time to break free from this cycle. Let’s seize the opportunities that can lead us to a brighter future and find more joy and freedom in the week. Join us in an exclusive opportunity to shift your approach so you can dream, disrupt, and deliver the powerful outcomes that can change your life and the lives of those you lead. 

It’s not about adding more hours to our already overflowing days; it’s about making profound, strategic changes that can create quantum leaps in your life. Unlock the hidden secrets science has shown us on how to do things differently. A unique leadership experience that unveils the proven strategies Fortune 500 executives, Olympic athletes, and high-performing entrepreneurs are using to drive exceptional outcomes without burning out along the way. If you are ready to reach new heights, this action-packed series was custom-designed for you. 

"Christina is an outstanding executive coach, team builder and leadership resource."
Tad Stahel
CEO Thrive Pet Healthcare

The Next Evolution of Leadership

Traditional leadership programs are one-and-done events that barely scratch the surface, leaving you with little more than binders collecting dust on the shelf. This transformative leadership program will give you access to:

  • Analyze what's holding you back
  • Create new patterns that drive greater impact and outcomes
  • Cut massive stress from your schedule
  • Supercharge your connections
  • Sharpen your skills as a powerful presenter, compelling people to act
  • Navigate hard conversations with grace and ease
  • Become more present
  • Lead through change with agility and grace
  • Find more joy in your work week

Christina Curtis - The Masterclass

Want to Learn from the Best Leaders in the World?

In addition to the latest in psychology and neuroscience, I’ve packed this program with insights I’ve gleaned from my conversations with extraordinary achievers featured in the award-winning bestseller CHOOSING GREATNESS.

book: choosing greatness, by: Christina Curtis
Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Founder of the Virgin Group

Jonathan Johnson

Jonathan Johnson

Chief Executive Officer at

Lara Merriken

Lara Merriken

Entrepreneur and founder of LÄRABAR

Daniel Nestor

Daniel Nestor

Winner of Eight Grand Slams and an Olympic Gold Medal

Teena Piccione

Teena Piccione

Global Transformation and Operations Executive at Google

Kim Rivera

Kim Rivera

Chief Legal Officer at OneTrust

Javier Rodriguez

Javier Rodriguez

Chief Executive Officer at DaVita Inc.

Eric Severson

Eric Severson

Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resource Officer at Neiman Marcus

Everett Thomas

Everett Thomas

Executive at Lockheed Martin Space, Major General (U.S. Air Force, Retired)

P Yale Bain

Phyllis Yale

Advisory Partner for Bain Consulting

Christina has been featured in:

"Christina is a perfect fit for executives looking to go to the next level.”
Karen Hjerleid
Vice President, Paladina Health

What to Expect

These 8 leadership skills are proven to enhance your outcomes in today's business landscape.

Executive Coaching - six-month package - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Create Clarity

Now is the time to get unequivocally clear on what you want to achieve, harnessing your goals with our exclusive framework. Think big. Be bold. Choose goals that inspire you and your team to fly forward with passion and precision, swiftly bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

high performance teams - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Supercharge Your Team

To achieve extraordinary results, modern-day millionaires don’t go it alone. They light up their networks, rally their allies, and forge powerful connections within their teams. In this program, you will unlock breakthrough strategies for linking arms and leading, discovering the secrets to turning connections into unshakable bonds.

executive coaching - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Lead Through Change with Grace

Change often stirs up a whirlwind of negative emotions, clouding our focus and dampening our problem-solving abilities. We'll explore four powerful techniques to calm the storm when you and your team are faced with external upheaval. By mastering these strategies, you'll cultivate clarity, consistency, and unity among those you lead.

High Performance Team Small-Group Coaching - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Navigate Hard Conversations

As humans, we tend to dodge difficult conversations to safeguard relationships, sidestep discomfort, and maintain a sense of security. This avoidance can lead to strained relationships and subpar results. By aligning with others more effectively during conflict, we pave the way for quicker, more effective decisions with less tension.

leadership development - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Deliver Powerful Presentations

Sharpen your skills in front of an audience to amplify your impact in any setting. Stronger communication skills increase the likelihood of promotions, career advancement, and, most importantly, being heard. Learn how to exude confidence and inspire action, whether addressing individuals or commanding a crowd.

remove stress from schedule icon

Remove Massive Stress From Your Schedule

Without a strategy to navigate the constant barrage of tasks and distractions, we risk becoming entangled in gridlock. One can’t reach exceptional heights while being weighed down by this kind of busyness. This program offers a discerning audit of your focus areas—from a strategic vs. administrative perspective—helping you assess and optimize how you invest your energy, effort, and time.

Executive Coaching - What You Will Gain - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Deliver Feedback the Drives Behavior

Getting and giving feedback is hard, but so is continuing behavior that’s holding you or your team back. Learn strategies to deliver feedback that translates into changes in behaviors and outcomes, without making everyone feel miserable in the process.

Executive Coaching - Accelerated 90-day Package - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Scale Your Leadership

As you become increasingly successful, it's easy to quickly become the bottleneck for your and your team's success. You can learn how to scale your approach, enhancing the impact you and your team can achieve.

Your Guide: Christina Curtis

Certified Master Business Coach

Christina Curtis - Certified Master Business Coach

Christina is the author of the award-winning bestselling book, Choosing Greatness. She is a certified NeuroLeadership specialist and a Master Coach, a designation held by less than 1% of coaches globally.

Christina has worked with the world's best-known business leaders and household names, bringing 20 years of working with executives at billion-dollar corporations. A thought leader on motivation and goal attainment, her work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Entrepreneur, Talent Management, and Psychology Today.

She holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology from the University of London and an undergraduate degree from Queens University.

Testimonials About Christina Curtis

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Claudia Calonje

Sales Executive at Salesforce

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Anne Bailey

President at ModivCare Home

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Bret Mitchell

C-Suite Executive

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Dan Galemba

Group Vice President at DaVita

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Melissa Orshan Spann

Chief Chinical Officer at Monte Nido

Choosing Greatness - The Masterclass

Pay in Full

$ 5,000 1 Payment (10% discount)
  • Weekly mastermind calls led by Christina Curtis
  • Fortune 500 leaders as guest speakers
  • Live coaching and Q&A once a month
  • Leadership profiles with your strengths & opportunities
  • Feedback survey to gather insights from others
  • Customized action plans
"Christina is one of the best in her field.”
Mike Roberts
SVP Sales, Lee Hecht Knightsbridge

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! You are more than welcome to book a quick call to chat about enrolling more than 4 of your direct reports, and we are happy to set you up with a great group rate.

This program was designed for Directors and VPs who want to elevate their leadership skills to drive better results. If you are a founder or C-Suite executive, this program is ideal for the top leaders on your team!
No. This program has specific training that will be recorded, and group coaching calls where you can ask questions and get feedback. However, everyone gets an individualized leadership assessment and strategic plan to implement over time.
I have worked with leaders at billion-dollar corporations for years. Most of what is taught in common leadership programs doesn’t consider the latest developments in neuroscience and human behavior. I am obsessed with using data-backed strategies that actually drive real change and optimal results.

The program begins Thursday, September 19, 2024 at 11:00 AM EST. Weekly meetings are scheduled every Thursday. This program runs for 6 months and ends on March 19, 2025. No session will be held on November 21, 2024 and December 26, 2024.

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