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Choosing Greatness: The Masterclass

Lessons learned from the greatest leaders in the world on how to increase your income and accelerate results - at work and at home.

Christina Curtis

Choosing Greatness : The Masterclass

Starting April 8th, 2024 - 11:00 AM EST


Ready to revolutionize your results?

The business world has morphed more in the past three years than in the previous three decades. Leaders, it’s time to refresh our strategies and skillsets – or risk being left behind. 

Unlock the hidden secrets that science has shown us on how to do things differently – with the tools we need to leap from one level of achievement to the next. Ready to elevate your leadership game? This action-packed series was custom-designed for ambitious leaders like you. 

Embark on this exclusive journey where we delve into 8 critical focus areas essential for leaders to thrive in today’s business economy. This unique experience unveils the proven strategies that Fortune 500 executives, Olympic athletes, and high-performing entrepreneurs use to drive exceptional outcomes without burning out along the way.


Choose You Growth Greatness

Want to close that gap between the level of success you have today and what you always have known is possible?

What You Will Gain

Join us for the next evolution of leadership training
in a fast-paced series of free workshops that will help you:

  • Analyze what’s holding you back and what has to change
  • Remove massive stress from your schedule
  • Unlock the power of “we” to supercharge your network
  • Command the room with confidence
  • Navigate hard conversations with ease
  • Become a better working parent and partner
  • Deliver powerful presentations that move the room
Christina Curtis

Why This Masterclass?

Most leadership programs are one-and-done events that barely scratch the surface, leaving you with little more than a binder collecting dust on the bookshelf.

A whole new level of success requires:

  • Proven strategies to unlock massive insights
  • Peer to peer learning to explore best practices
  • Accountability so you aren’t going it alone

7 Critical Focus Areas for Thriving Leaders

Drive the greatest impact on your career trajectory & ability to excel as a leader.

Executive Coaching - six-month package - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Driving Clarity - what's holding you back and what has to change?

Executive Coaching - Accelerated 90-day Package - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Removing massive stress from your schedule

High Performance Team Small-Group Coaching - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Unlocking the power of "we" and unlocking your network

leadership development - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Commanding the room with confidence

organizational assessments - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Delivering powerful presentations

executive coaching - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Managing your energy and emotions

high performance teams - Curtis Leadership Coaching

Navigating hard conversations with ease

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Your Guide: Christina Curtis

Certified Master Business Coach

Christina Curtis - Certified Master Business Coach

Christina is the author of the award-winning bestselling book, Choosing Greatness. She is a certified NeuroLeadership specialist and a Master Coach, a designation held by less than 1% of coaches globally. A thought leader on motivation and goal attainment, Christina’s work has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Entrepreneur, Talent Management, and Psychology Today. She holds a master’s degree in organizational psychology from the University of London and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and diplomas from the International Coaching Academy, the Adler School of Psychology.

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